Fucking Art, How Does It Work?

Sullivan's fur tutorials, brush packs, and texture resources.

See the original devART post here: LINK

Download custom Photoshop brushes here: LINK

Sullivan’s Fur/Feathers/Scales wildlife texture brushes: LINK

The eyedropper blending tutorial mentioned in the Q&A: http://youtu.be/XMM3Z7lXPwA

Sullivan says:

The Brushes (Tutorial Part 2)

Hard Round 25 Fading
Take your normal hard brush, make it 25px large. Now go to the Brushes menu and click “Other Dynamics”, and set the Flow jitter to Pen Pressure in the drop down menu.

Hard Round 5 pixels
This is your basic, default hard brush when you load up Photoshop with the regular brushes it should be right at the top… no need to change it!

Airbrush Detail
Load up default Photoshop brushes and scroll down til you see the soft brushes—- pick one that is at least 60px large. Open the Brushes menu and click “Shape Dynamics” and set it to Pen Pressure, then click “Other Dynamics” and have the Opacity and Flow jitters set to Pen Pressure as well.

Tips For Custom Sullivan Fur Brushes

  • these are easiest to use when highlighting, try picking a color that is lighter than the area you are drawing on.
  • the brushes are pressure sensitive, so you’ll want to use these with a tablet. try drawing lightly for softer fur, and push harder for more tufty fur.
  • just scribbling one of these over your drawing will make it look dumb, trust me. try layering the different brushes, or going over with your own brushes to add in your own details for a more realistic look.
  • try playing around in the Brushes menu… color effects can look really neat with these, see what works for you :]


  • you may NOT attempt to resell or redistribute these brushes; if you want to share these brushes with others just link back to the original deviantART post.
  • please give credit when you use these! i’m not normally fussy about giving credit, but i worked hard on these so it would be appreciated.